Winter Aid 4.0 – Visiting Maahad Al-Imam An-Nawawi (2016)


On the 25th November, Humanitarian Mission Syria Care 4.0. Ustazah Siti Sakinah Chairperson of Syria Care and Astro Awani crew Mr. Nazri Kahar and Mr. Sallehin Hussain had the chance to visit Maahad Al- Imam An-Nawawi in Reyhanli Hatay. This Maahad has 57 branches.The Syrian community, wherever they are, they take education very seriously for their nation, so they made an effort to establish this maahad. This maahad was founded by Sheikh Ahmad Al-Hasari on 1961. He died on 1986.

Maahad was founded on mazhab Asyairah Shafi. This branch in Reyhanli started 3 months ago with 8 teachers and 5 administrators.  What grabbed the attention of Ustazah is that all the teachers taught without any pay. Masya Allah, it is a really great sacrifice that the teachers are making for the betterment of the nation.

At the end of the visit, Ustazah Sakinah presented them a financial aid from the donations by Malaysians for the school management. May it will help them, InsyaAllah.

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