Winter Aid 4.0 Mission – Visiting Madrasah Izzah (2016)


25th November 2016. Reyhanli Hatay, Turkey. Syria Care Winter Aid 4.0 Mission (2016). While at Reyhanli Hatay, Turkey, Ustazah Sakinah took the chance to learn about the activities that the Syrian refugees were doing at the Syria Turkey border. Ustazah observed that the Syrians does not easily give up despite the war, which the war is the worse human crisis in the century.

Education is still a priority. Madrasah Izzah is a school that is operating in a poor area among the refugees in Reyhanli to ensure these children are not left around in the streets without education. Even if the teachers there get their paycheck from UNICEF, it is very a minimal wage. And what makes it more touching is that these teachers despite their minimum wage , they use their paycheck to fund the school management in order for the kids to study for FREE. Syria Care has collected donations from Malaysia to accommodate the cost of the school management because we believe education is one the first in creating a better generation soon to come.

Donation money was delivered by Dr. Husamuddin Saraqbi who is a chairman of Syria Care Office in Istanbul. Mr. Nazri Kahar and photographer Mr. Sallihin from the Astro Awani crew had the chance to do the recordings.

Thank you to all concerned Malaysians by making this all possible. Barakallahu fikum.

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