Winter Aid 4.0 – Two Families in a two bedroom house! (27/11/2016)


Ustazah Siti Sakinah Chairperson of Syria Care and Astro Awani crew Mr. Nazri Kahar and Mr. Soliheen had the chance to visit two families that lives in a 2 bedroom house. It is in that house where they accept visitors and it is also where they sleep and eat.

They ran away from Syria since a year ago. When they were ask the reason they ran away, a father responded saying that their house was destroyed by a bomb from Bashaar and his allies.

He was very angry for what Bashaar did causing him and millions of Syrians to live in a very difficult state that even their basic necessities are not met.

His children couldn’t even go to school because of the ongoing war while education is the basic human right for every children and it is a foundation to keep them from involving in unwanted issues.

However, he thanked the Turkey government for giving him and his family the chance to live in Turkey. At the end of the visitation, ustazah presented them boxes filled with food packs as a contribution from Malaysia to lift their burdens.

Thank you to all donors. May Allah accept this as our good deeds.

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