Winter Aid 4.0 Mission – Visiting Maahad Al- Fatih (2016)


Essenyurt, Istanbul, Turkey, 23rd November, 2016. Aid Winter 4.0 Mission Syria Care with Astro Awani visited Ma’ahad Al-Fatih As-Syar’ieyyah wal ‘Arabiyyah that is lead by a scholar, Syeikh Mahmud Ad-dahla.

Essenyurt region, Istanbul had more than 500,000 Syrian refugees, and they needed an education institute to ensure long lasting continuity of education, This is a serious matter in order to create a future generation that will rightly preach monotheism and sunnah Habibuna Rasulullah saw.

Syeikh Mahmud Ad-Dahla is a former leader for Ma’ahad Syeikh Abdul Razzaq Al-Halabiy in Al fatih region, Istanbul. Now he leads Ma’ahad to enhance the intellectual and spiritual side for the generation of the Syrian refugees in the region.

Syria Care is there to contribute to meet the operational requirements at Ma’ahad. In this visit, Astro crew had to make an interview with Sheikh Mahmud Ad-Dahla, the principal of the Ma’ahad. Ma’ahad has just been opened to produce scholars among the Syrian refugees in Turkey and many students attended Ma’ahad from other countries such as Egypt, Kazakhstan and Malaysia.

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