Winter Aid 4.0 (2016) – Visiting Sheikh Usamah Rifa’ie


stanbul, Turkey 24th November, 2016. Aid Winter 4.0 Mission Syria Care with Astro Awani visiting a Syrian scholar who is Syeikh Usamah Rifa’ie. He is also a Chairman of Syam Scholars, an organisation that consist of exclusive scholars. There were discussions and questions that was answered by the scholars and one of them is why is Bashar al-Assad as the ruler of a country is willing to kill its own citizens instead of following the people’s will which is to have him and his government step down from ruling the country.

According to Syeikh Usamah, this is because Bashar is defending his interest and wealth and his family in Syria by using his power. And Al- Assad’s family is the wealthiest family in Syria as the result of controlling the countries wealth. The other important issue regarding Bashar is that his moral and religion beliefs are the religion of Nusayriyyah Bathiniyyah.

This religion are not related to Islam. And the involvement of Iran in this conflict is that Iran is attempting to raise their influence and power of the Persia that was once the axis power of Western Asia. And also the Russian communist where they proving that they are still capable even after they lost in the Cold War.

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