We are not terrorists, We are like your children..


Syria’s most famous girl Bana al-Abed has made a tearful plea to US President Donald Trump in a video published by The Daily Beast on Monday.

In her message Bana, who was evacuated from besieged Aleppo to Turkey in December, appealed to Trump to help the children of Syria and stop the war.

The 7-year-old, whose Twitter account became famous for documenting the atrocities in her native Aleppo, appears tearful in the video.

“Donald Trump, my name is Bana al-Abed, and I am seven years old from Aleppo, Syria. We are the children of Syria. We are not terrorists. We are like your children,” Bana says.

“Please help us stop the war. The children deserve life.”

“Bana represents the voice of the children of Syria. She was besieged in Aleppo, flushed out of her town, and flushed out of her country,” said Kholoud Helmi, an activist and the co-founder of the underground Syrian newspaper Enab Baladi.


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