Travelog MKSC 7.0 : Tilal As-Sham, ‘Aazaz Syria.


Day 7. 5th December 2018
Syria Care Humanitarian Mission 7.0.
Tilal As-Sham, ‘Aazaz Syria.

I stood there looking over the surroundings of this unfinished building. Its actually a masjid on the ground floor and the plan was to build classes and a small apartment for the imam on the second floor. But funding was low.

All around this particular building were tents and some houses. But mostly people lived in tents. Its winter. The weather is cold. And rain is a norm during this time of year so it gets wet and muddy on the ground.

Just imagine YOU have to live in one of those tents. Not for an hour, not for a day, not for a week, not for a month, not for a year!
Its cold and will get colder. Its wet and mud just pours inside a place you have to call home since there is no other.
Its not easy I tell you. Its hard yet no words can describe the hardship. Even the refugees themselves that we met were lost of words.

And much worse than that they need knowledge. Something the government purposely deprived from them all this years.

There are so many needs. If I was to write all of them, I don’t know when I will stop.

Siti Sakinah Meor Omar Baki
Head of Syria Care Humanitarian Mission 7.0


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