Travelog MKSC 5.0 : Do you remember Rayyan?


Do you remember Rayyan?
The amazing girl living in Reyhaniah that I shared about?

Well,this morning when I checked my phone I saw a voice message from her fathers account.I pressed to open the note and found that it was Rayyan herself talking to me.

She was asking me if I still remember her and reminded me that she is staying in Reyhaniah and invited me to her house if ever I go to Turkey again.

It was so sweet of her to still remember me and took the effort to contact me.My heart melts just thinking about her.

I told her how could I forget about her?I tell people about her almost everywhere I go.She is so energetic and inspiring.So full of love and forgiving.So kind hearted and uplifting.And her smile can just light up anybodys day.

And I must say she has such amazing parents that gives her such a good example for her to follow.Theres so much I learnt about life from this 9 years old girl and her parents.

She’s supposed to have prosthetic legs put on but she had to go through another operation and stayed in the hospital for six days and when things get better she will have her leg.

But with or without she doesn’t whine or grump and believes that her leg is already in Paradise. Even if she can turn back time there is nothing she wants changed.She believes everything is fated.

Wallahi I love this girl from the bottom of my heart. Its just that with my limited vocab I find it hard to tell her how much she has touched my heart. 

May Allah keep her safe.May Allah gather us again one day and we can walk down the street together.May she inspire more people to do good deeds despite all the hardship that we face.

This picture of Rayyan and her sister was sent to me together with her voice message.

Notes from Ustazah Sakinah Omar.

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