Press conferance for Kembara Jiwa & Kemanusiaan Syria Care – 9th May 2017 – TH Hotel

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 “Kembara Jiwa dan Kemanusiaan Syria Care” is  joint initiative between Syria Care and Persada Global Holidays and supported by NAR Records to provide an extraordinary experience on a pilgrimage trip.

This is an incredible adventure that crosses the borders of spiritual  humanitarian work. What is unique about this adventure, as it aims to achieve an instinctive nature of servitude and lift humanity in every soul that participates.

• Visiting the historic city of Istanbul and witness her beauty and uniqueness.
• Visiting  educational institutions for  Syrian refugee children  in Istanbul.
• Greeting session with the students from Maahad Al-Fatih,Istanbul Turkey and religious talk by prominent scholars.

• Perform Umrah with premium services.
• Visiting historical sites in Mecca and Medina.
• Series of religious classes during their stay in the Haramain (Mecca and Medina).
• Activities with personalities throughout the program.
These activities are very important to trigger humanitarian concern to the members of the group as well as paving awareness and perceptions of the humanitarian catastrophe that is happening in Syria.
The crisis in Syria has been described as the worst humanitarian disasters of this century. Syria Care fully take responsibility in moving activities and humanitarian efforts for the donation and assistance to the Syrian people who are victims of the situation happening in Syria.
Syria Care is also giving the opportunity to sponsors of orphans under the Orphan Sponsorship Project Syria Care to join  with a special discount price as a tribute to the sponsors who have supported this project. Persada Global Holidays is providing special travel package to ensure that the travel will go well and smoothly. Based on the experience of  managing various travel programs and Umrah pilgrimage the combination and cooperation produce the best. NAR Records on the other hand fully supports the involvement of popular artist Khai Bahar to be involved in humanitarian works.

This trip will also accompanied by Ustaz Azadan Rabbani and Ustaz Amirudin Ismail from Persada Global Holidays.

During the press conferance that was held at TH Hotel
Syria Care staff taking a pose with Khai Bahar that will be following the umrah and visit trip organized by Syria Care and Persada Global Holidays

From left Ustaz Amirudin and Haji Muhammad Shahir Ibrahim from Persada Global Holidays, Khai Bahar and Encik Kamaluddin Mohd Kasim from NAR RECORDS, Mrs. Nur Diena Mohd. Mardzi and Ustazah Sakinah from Syria Care during a photoshoot after the press conferance.

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