Kuala Lumpur – 22 Feb, The coalition of Humanitarian NGOs for Syria deeply alarmed at the hysterical massacre and strongly condemns  Assad’s regime and his Russians allies for the killing of civilians; a toll that encapsulated the unbridled violence of the massacre in the Eastern Ghouta.

We urge these inhumane acts to be stopped immediately as it has led to human catastrophe that people have been suffering a cruel siege for years and they are now trapped in daily bombardments attacks that are deliberately killing them. The pain and suffering we are witnessing now is indescribable.

After the suffering of a regime incursion and cruel siege for almost five years, the death toll continues to rise.

The air strikes since the beginning of the month have claimed nearly a thousand lives.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reports, there is no safe place left for them to take refuge in East Ghouta, all the buildings and settlements have been destroyed and targeted by the regime and its backers, with explosive barrels and intense shelling.

From the late Monday through Tuesday, airstrikes and artillery attack with insane shelling and bombardments continuous for 30 consecutive hours.

The death toll has risen to 250 in just 48 hours.

This time, the operation is strengthened and the regime never seemed to be cut out a dictator to recapture 400,000 residents from the opposition side.

More worryingly, Bashar al Assad regime and its allies are now reportedly waiting for the signal to launch a massive ground attack with heavy weaponry over the area.

As the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that help conflict victims in Syria, we demand this extreme brutality and besieged in East Ghouta to be stopped immediately.

In addition, we also request permission be granted to enable the delivery of humanitarian aid; making access to basic supplies such as food and medical. 

This condemn note handed over to representative of Russian Embassy on the capacity of Kremlin as a powerful ally of Damascus administration.

Also supported by other NGOs:


  • Malaysia Humanitarian Aid & Relief (MAHAR)
  • Pertubuhan Sinar Damsyik (PERSIDAM)
  • Islamic Medical Association Malaysia (IMAM)
  • Haluan
  • Muslim Care Malaysia
  • Persatuan Belia Harmini Malaysia (HARMONI)
  • Humanity Heroes
  • Muslim Volunteer Malaysia
  • Green Project
  • Malaysia Life Line for Syria
  • Global Peace Malaysia


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