No Need To Recruit Foreign Fighters


Sheikh Osama Rifai, the head of the Syrian Islamic Council, said

“opposition groups don’t need to recruit foreign fighters in their fight against the Bashar Assad regime in Syria”.

In an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency (AA),

Sheikh Rifai, called for providing all forms of support to the Syrian revolution.

“There are young Syrians who are enthusiastic enough to serve and defend their revolution,” he said, adding that foreigners who have joined extremist factions in Syria “have turned into a burden on the Syrian people than the regime itself”.

Sheikh Rifai,warned that the biggest deterrent to the victory of the Syrian opposition is “disunity and infighting among opposition groups”.

The head of the Syrian Islamic Council stressed that opposition groups will not emerge victorious “unless all factions unite under one umbrella”.

Sheikh Rifai, thinks that the Daesh terrorist group was the product of foreign intelligence services.

The Syrian Sheikh went on to accuse Shia Iran of stoking sectarianism in the region.

“Although the Iranian leadership tends to avoid using sectarian speeches, its actions are purely sectarian,” he said.

Iran is a staunch supporter of Bashar Assad regime in Syria.

For the past five years, Iranian troops, along with members of Lebanon’s Shia Hezbollah group, have been fighting alongside regime forces in Syria.

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