Humanitarian Mission Syria Care 4.0 : Visit IHH Reyhanli Office, Hatay


On 26th November 2016, when carrying Humanitarian Mission Syria Care 4.0, Ustazah Sakinah representative of Syria Care, Dr. Hussam Sarqbi and Astro Awani crew Mr.Nazri Kahar and Sallehin Hussein visited IHH Office in Reyhanli.
They were welcomed by Mr. Tahir Zaki Zaki Said Oglu. Containers that we send to the port of Mersin in Turkey will be released by IHH before brought into Syria. They all talked about various things and were brought to look around the complex.

They were brought to the bakery which produces 170,000 pieces of bread a day. And coincidentally on that day, the factory was not operating, so the bread were not able to be sent into Syria.

They were brought to the finance house that kept all the donations and the donations were mostly from the Turkish people themselves.

When asked about the containers being shipped from Syria Care, do the goods brought into the warehouse for sorting, brother Zaki said, the containers from Syria Care parks outside for a while before being sent into Syria.

Syria Care is grateful for the support and assistance that is has been given from many people.


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