Syria Care’s campaign #RM1SayaUntukAwak have been coordinated in Little Avicenna Kindergarten, Section 3 Shah Alam with kids age 1 until 12 years old. 

The kindergarten invites Syria Care to share Syrians that have been suffered for seven years because of the war especially kids.   

Sharing session was delivered by Fudzla Adenan where she told the kids about Syrian kids who have high morality in learning although the war cost them to lose their parent and also defective limbs. 

“We should be grateful because in Malaysia we can go to school without fear being shot or bomb, unlike in Syria seeing aeroplane cross by already make them scared to go out from their house”, she said.  


#RM1SayaUntukAwak is a program coordinated by Syria Care to spread awareness among young generation about the humanitarian issue in Syria which focus in kindergarten, primary and secondary school. 

If interested, please call Miss Zana in +601111362567 for any inquiries. 

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