KRAK 5 – #Food4Syria-Iftar Distribution-16 Ramadan Wadi Barada’s Refugee


11/6/2017 16 Ramadan 1438H

Ramadan Al Khair 5 Campaign.

? Project : #Food4Syria ( Ifthar Distribution)

? Disribution Area : Idlib

? NGO Team : Khair Ghoutah

? Receiver :  Wadi Barada’s Refugee who seek protection in Idlib

? Cooking Ingredient: Donation by Malaysian through #RM12 Project

Wadi Barada’s Refugee are basically came from Damascus, they have to seek protection after their resident have been destroy by Bashar’s Regime.

Now Idlib is their new house to celebrate this year Ramadan.

Rasullullah said:
“Whoever gives food to a fasting person to break, his reward is like the fasting person ”

Thanks to all who contributed.


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