Jannah in Adwa Camp in ‘Akkar Lebanon

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Two years ago when I visited Adwa Camp in ‘Akkar Lebanon I saw a little girl sitting on the ground just watching our team. I got close to her and asked her name. Jannah. She didn’t say much. She was shy.

This year on my visit to the same camp,while distributing chocolates to the children I saw a girl. And somehow I remembered the girl I met two years back. And I said to the people in charge of the camp “I have met her before. The last time I came here!”
And he said “You have a strong memory!”. Of course that is not true. But somehow I remembered her.

Two years have passed and she is still in the camp. And I was being told the camp has been opened since four years ago!
Meaning she has been living there almost all her live! In a tent,in a refugee camp somewhere on the hills of ‘Akkar. No electricity. No proper water system. And what saddens me the most no education.

Jannah is only one of thousands of children who have lost their childhood. Not just because of the war. But because of our ignorance and silence.


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