Humanitarian Mission 4.0 – Markaz Da’am wa Tanmiyah Lilmar’ah (2016)


5th November 2016. Reyhanli Hatay, Turkey. Humanitarian Mission Syria Care 4.0 (2016). While at Reyhanli Hatay, Turkey, Ustazah Sakinah took the chance to see the activities that Syrian refugees were doing at the Syria Turkey border. Ustazah observed that the Syrians are not easily giving up, they are a really strong nation despite the war, which is the worse human crisis in the century. They are still finding ways to help their brothers and sisters that is going through war trauma and giving them education and support.

One of the center that was established is Markaz Da’am wa Tanmiyah Lilmar’ah that is located in Reyhanli, Hatay Turkey. More than 600 women is listed in this center and their doing their best to pay rent for 290 widows. This center consist of religion and computer classes to teach the appropriate skills to the women so that they are able to be independent in the future.

Let’s pray together so that they could go back to their homes safely in this mere future.

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