Alhamdulillah, Aqiqah occasion have been safely carried out with Maahad Abi Hanifah Annouman di ‘Adnaniah, Idlib, Syria.

There are two sheep under name of: 

1. Wan Muhammad Danial Ammar Bin Wan Mohd Zainudin

2. Syakirah Aleeya Binti Shafwan Syarif

What makes it special is for this time is, the distribution of the meat are exclusive to the student of the school who is currently still in learning period 

For information, the maahad is one of the school fully funded by Malaysia and their student got a little aid from donation of Malaysian under management of Syria Care. 

Donation and contribution can be made in a various way. 

It only needs and action and awareness to carried out. 

For those who are interested to carried out your baby’s aqiqah in Syria, just call our Finance Officer on 011 28809820 for better explanation. 

Your good deed makes them happy. 


#Aqiqah4Syria #TabungKemanusiaanSyriaCare

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