Sheikh Muhammad Surur


The Syrian preacher Mohammed Surur bin Nayif Zayn El Abidinee ,he died Friday ,
Muhammad Surur bin Nayif Zayn al-‘Abidin (1938) is a former Syrian Muslim Brotherhood member. He is credited with developing the Islamist trend that later came to be known as Sururism (or Sururi), which combines “the organisational methods and political worldview of the Muslim Brotherhood with the theological puritanism of Salafism.”His developed trend is described as being “instrumental in promoting a politicised version of Wahhabism in the [Saudi] kingdom.” However, while he supported the non-violent criticism of Muslim rulers, he rejected attempts to overthrow the regimes of Muslim countries as a source of fitna (civil strife and chaos). Surur also wrote a highly popular anti-Shia book called Wa Ja’a Dawr al-Majus (The Era of the Magians Has Come), published in 1984, where he explains that the Iranian Revolution is nothing but the starting point for a strategy of Shiite domination of the Middle East.

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