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Without any preparation, winter is a threat that leads to a humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Poor living conditions due to conflicts make them dependent on outside charity.

Like the previous years, to ease the burden of the refugees, Syria Care launched the Eighth Winter Relief (BMS 8.0).

Donations could be made from today, 28th of August 2020 until 31st of December 2020.

For BMS 8.0, Syria Care targets a contribution collection of RM3 million. 

Among the forms of aid that will be provided to the refugees are blankets, heaters, clothing, food and tents.

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Contribution Target (RM3 million) – Updated 12th of January 2021
RM3,017,500 100%

For more information, contact +6011 3703 0900 or email to malaysia.syriacare@gmail.com